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Casa das Palmeiras - Nature Houses & Pedagogic Farm | Travessas & Alves Dias TER Lda

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Casa das Palmeiras - Nature Houses & Pedagogic Farm | Travessas & Alves Dias TER Lda

Region PDO Serra da Estrela
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Casa das Palmeiras

Region PDO Serra da Estrela
Name of person in charge
Joana Travessas
Phone number
Espinho, Mangualde
Avenida da Liberdade nº 33 - Gandufe 3530-062 Espinho - Mangualde


Knowing Cheese from Pasture to Table

The experience is divided into two practical moments:

Firstly, we take tourists to meet Mr João and his flock of Bordaleira sheep that graze in the fields surrounding our village. Here they can learn about the dynamics of the shepherd with his sheep and the Estrela mountain dog, listen to the characteristic sounds of the call, feel the wool and understand the characteristics of this indigenous breed of sheep. During the milking season (between October and June), at the end of the day, we accompany the shepherd and the flock to the sheepfold, where we can see the milking process and take part in hand milking.

Afterwards, back at Casa das Palmeiras, tourists can enjoy a tasting of regional products including Serra da Estrela PDO cheese from a local cheese dairy and cottage cheese.

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Other informations

To take part in milking, the experience must be done at the end of the day.


45€/person (no price variation): Visit + tasting | 35€/person (visit only) | Children under 12 don't pay

Estimated duration

2 to 3 hours

Additional information

Includes a free visit to the Casa das Palmeiras Pedagogical Farm 50% of the cost goes to the Pastor.