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Queijaria da Licínia, Lda

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Queijaria da Licínia, Lda

Region PDO Rabaçal
Logo Queijaria Licinia

Queijaria Color Cheese Factory


Queijaria da Licínia, Lda

Region PDO Rabaçal
Name of person in charge
Carlos Carvalho / Marta Carvalho
Phone number
913462845 | 236981214
Pombalinho - Soure
Rua do Casal - Cotas 3130-092 Pombalinho - Soure


Cheese factory with a shop 

It works exclusively with sheep and goat's milk whose feed comes from the natural pastures of the Serra de Sicó, rich in wild, native and aromatic herbs (Erva de Santa Maria), responsible for the characteristic and unique flavour of the genuine Rabaçal PDO cheese.

Schedule | Available Days

9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm.

Minimum visitors

Not applicable.

Other informations

The factory is in the process of being extended. Finalisation of the works is expected in summer 2023.

Additional information

Distinction of products by its quality contributing to the satisfaction of our customers taking to their homes the authenticity of the Serra de Sicó.